The future of beauty is non-toxic, cruelty-free, and zero-waste


Sunset Plaza Salon is dedicated to the ethical sourcing of our product's ingredients, and the ethical treatment of the people that work to create them.

We do our best to use and sell non-toxic, organic products that do no harm, contain no known pathogens, and are healthiest for our team and clients alike.

Within the salon, we make an effort to reduce our waste, reuse where we can, and recycle everything.
Our salon also has a refill shop where you can bring your empty containers to fill up on some of our most popular products:

Cult+King Balm
Cult+King Tonik
Oway Frequent Use Hair and Scalp Bath
Oway Frequent Use Conditioner
Oway Color Protection Hair Bath
Oway Color Protection Mask
Oway Rebuilding Hair Mask
Oway Smoothing Hair and Scalp bath
Oway Smoothing Conditioner
Oway Curly Hair Bath
Oway Bio Rich Water
Oway Sculpting Spray

    If you would like any more info on our sustainability practices, feel free to contact us.

    *Refillable containers must be less than 500ml