Kristal 3600 Hair Dryer by Ibiza


Professional Hairdryer

The Ibiza Hair Kristal 3600 blow dryer is a true pro that delivers massive air flow and power, while remaining surprisingly lightweight and perfectly balanced.

♥ Clear body lets you see the inner mechanics
♥ True AC motored hair dryer with enormous air flow
♥ Blow drys hair in half the time of a regular dryer
♥ 1875 watts
♥ No ceramic or tourmaline
♥ Extra long 9ft cord
♥ Includes 2 nozzles
♥ Made in Italy
♥ Complimentary blow dry buddy while supplies last!

The blow dry buddy is light, small and easy to install. It replaces your Ibiza Hair Kristal Dryer filter reducing noise and preventing hair from being sucked into the back of the motor. Advanced technology has achieved amazing results in eliminating sound waves. Making a quieter, cleaner blow dry.

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