Tonik by Cult+King


Spray-In Conditioner & Scalp Potion

A botanical masterpiece. Herbal synergies and organic ingredients combine to condition scalp, follicle, and hair like no synthetic chemicals can.


♥ 6-in-1 TONIK Hair conditioner, beard conditioner. scalp tonic. light-hold styling product. cutting lotion, and pH balancer (4.5) that resets hair and skin to a natural state.

♥ All Genders Great for all types of scalp issues, thinning and fine hair. For those with courser texture hair, TONIK should be supplemented with a rinse-out conditioner.

♥ Cutting Lotion When using as a cutting lotion, apply only once. This is a conditioner and can overwhelm hair with oils.

♥ Encourages Clean Healthy Scalp and DHT Control An effective natural scalp exfoliant that removes dirt, toxins, and DHT from the pores. DHT is a naturally occurring testosterone in everyone’s bodies that is linked to hair thinning and hair loss.

♥ For the Minimalist We added a light hold to TONIK for those who are not fans of goopy products or wash ’n wear.

♥ The Main Ingredient is Organic Banana Juice | Instead of adding water as the cheap filler most products use as a base ingredient, we start with Organic Banana Juice. That’s why CULT+KING products are so concentrated that you can use less to achieve more. Banana Juice has exceptional benefits for scalp and follicles.

♥ CULT+KING’s Signature Natural Preservative System Certified Organic Blueberry Tincture | A hydro-alcohol mixture prepared with certified organic blueberries infused into certified organic cane sugar alcohol to extract the widest spectrum of plants’ phytochemicals and antioxidants. Our hydro-alcohol neither dries nor moisturizes but is a perfect delivery system for our balanced, moisturizing, and humectant ingredients. Most importantly, our signature natural, organic tincture preservative system is paraben and formaldehyde-free.

♥ Contains Salicylic Acid An oil-soluble, beta-hydroxy acid, and natural scalp exfoliant that penetrates into the pores of the scalp to loosen, dissolves, and deep clean dirt, toxins, and DHT (dihydrotestosterone, a contributor to thinning hair) for the best delivery of rejuvenating botanical ingredients. Also speeds up cell turnover for ideal scalp conditions.

♥ Vegan

♥ Gluten-free

♥ Cruelty-free

No Baddies:
✕ No artificial color
✕ No artificial scent
✕ No parabens
✕ No formaldehyde-based chemical preservatives
✕ No animal testing

How to Use: Shake before using to distribute botanicals. Spray TONIK into damp hair and beard after washing and before styling. Feel the tingle. Rub into scalp for maximum effect.

♥ TONIK+BALM Combo BALM is moisture activated. For line-ups and neck shaves, spray TONIK on skin first to activate.

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