Balm by Cult+King



Size: 100g Bamboo Jar

Organic Skin Care | Antioxidant moisturizer, organic ingredients and herbal synergies make BALM an all-purpose, go-to product for men and women alike who want to treat their skin to the highest-quality, cleanest, most beneficial natural ingredients on earth.

Non-Lathering Oil Cream Suspension Ideal for Shaving | It may not lather up, but whatever kind of razor you’re using, you will notice a difference. Less razor burn and irritation, more smoothness. For best results, use right out of the shower. It’s water-activated for shaving, so add hot water, a hot towel, or TONIK for best results. So concentrated that a little bit goes a long way. (Barbers, BALM is not intended to replace the traditional foaming barbershop straight shave experience. But use it before and after to give your guests the maximum smooth skin experience.)

Beard Balm | Soften whiskers without the sparkling shine of regular beard oils. BALM also moisturizes the skin under the beard. Massage into any facial hair, working down to the skin.

Pre-Shave | Botanical oils soften whiskers, while caffeine and alpha-hydroxy acids make for a closer shave. Apply an almond size amount to wet stubble and let stand 2-3 minutes.

After- Shave | Shea, aloe, lavender, clove, and cedar soften your skin whole menthol cools it. Rinse the face after shaving, then apply a small amount to the face and neck.

2nd Day Hair Balm | Get great 2nd Day Hair TODAY. Work a small amount into hair to reduce the puffy, too-clean look.

Exfoliant | Dead skin cells make your skin look dry, dull, and less youthful. Get rid of them the natural, gentle way.

Caffeinated Eye Cream and Face Tightener | A dab under the eyes wakes up your face. Nobody likes the hungover look.

Does not contain:

artificial color
artificial scent
formaldehyde-based chemical preservatives
no animal testing
comes with a How to Use booklet

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