What is a Green Circle Salon?

Did you know the beauty industry creates over 877 pounds of waste every single minute? 

Salons are notoriously one of, if not the "dirtiest" shops on the high street.

We're fortunate enough in West Hollywood to have local recycling programs that collect glass, cardboard, and plastic waste. 

Every salon produces unique beauty waste that cannot be treated by the city's typical trash disposal system.

Sunset Plaza Salon is proud to be a certified sustainable salon in the Green Circle Salons (GCS) network. GCS recycles and reclaims salon waste by partnering with recycling facilities, chemical waste facilities, clean energy producers, bio-composite plastic producers, and more.

Here are a few ways our salon waste is recycled responsibly:

Hair clippings

Discarded hair clippings are composted with other organic waste and turned into bio-composite plastic. This plastic is made into products used for humanitarian efforts, new products like recycling bins, and for research and development of new environmental technology such as insulation and stormwater filtration.


sorted by grade and type, melted down into aluminum sheets or bars, used to make new products like car parts and bicycles

The aluminum tubes and foils from hair dyes are separated and processed at a metal plant, where they are purposefully recycled.

Excess Dye

We collect excess hair coloring chemicals and send them to a dedicated center where they are incinerated and turned into clean energy, preventing extra chemicals from entering our water systems.

If you're not in the West Hollywood area, GreenCircleSalons.com has a database where you can find a local certified sustainable salon.


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